I was driving down I-75 and saw these beautiful wildflowers blooming right in the middle of the highway. I admired them as quickly as I could since I was going 75 mph. I couldn’t get the image of these flowers out of my head. As I continued to drive to my destination I noticed more flowers in places you wouldn’t expect them and others where you would, in a garden. What amazed me the most is that it didn’t matter where these flowers were planted, whether in a garden or in the middle of eight lanes of traffic, they bloomed. Their roots are deep in the ground and they’re able to withstand storms. Sure, they might dry up or begin to wilt, but then they are watered and become full of life and beauty again.

I began thinking about how this might pertain to my life. I have a tendency to not act on something until the conditions are just right, having enough money, a spotless house, the right outfit, an impressive meal, or  the perfect activities planned. I always have an excuse, our place is too small, we live too far away, I don’t know anyone, we don’t have enough decorations up in the house, etc. This summer I have truly realized that God has blessed us with this house and we need to use it to bless others. I had this idea in my head of what that would look like and of course all the conditions were perfect. God began tugging on my heart and gently reminded me that it isn’t about me, it is about Him. Just like those wildflowers in the middle of the highway, they weren’t planted in what would be the perfect place, but they still bloomed.

In order to serve and bless others I need to have strong roots that I can stand firm on. Spending time quieting my heart everyday and seeking God first is the only way for my roots to grow deeper and stronger. There will be times that I feel wilted, dried up. When I am thirsty, I have to drench myself in God’s word and bathe in his grace and mercy.

I’m not always going to be in what I consider the perfect conditions to serve and minister to others. I will have different seasons of life and I wont be able to do everything, but I can always be doing something. As long as my roots are deep and I continue to water myself, than no matter where I am planted, I will always be blooming.